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1. Is the family and case about “family business” or ‘family enterprising’? Why does this distinction matter for understanding the case? The process of establishing a family business is different than family enterprising. Family businesses do not always act entrepreneurially. A family business is a business in which one or more family members has obligations and proprietorship towards the business’ overall goals and well-being. In the case of the Dawson’s family business of Dawson’s Products, Robert Dawson is the head of the family business. In the case of Dawson’s products, it is both a family business and family enterprising, meaning the Dawson family influences the entrepreneurial process. Dawson’s Products are geared towards generating wealth and new economic movement, as well as building enduring value across generations. In the case of the Dawson’s, the family legacy has been prepared to be passed down to the two daughters, Angela and Jimella. In order to comprehend the case in question, it must be understood that the case is about family enterprising. The long-term success of the company is dependent on the two daughters taking over the legacy once Robert Dawson and his wife Ulissa step down. The legacy is put into question when the Dawson’s youngest daughter, Jimella, decides she would like to venture out on her own vs. continuing to run the family business. 2. Assess the Dawson business/family using the mindset and methods model for family enterprising. In respects to the business of Dawson’s Products succeeding the Enterprising Mind-Set model, prior to Jimella wanting to self-venture on her own, the enterprising model was in good balance. However, when Jimella shifts from having a dominated role in the operational/managerial quadrant to wanting to dominate in the Entrepreneurial quadrant, the family enterprise is caught

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