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Tibby He chooses an institutional education as his father who was a university professor;however universities are preoccupied with facts facts facts which turns people into machines of the system which is based on institutional education. He is so withdrawn from life and action that he does not chooses a career through which he can people. He is into literature he always reads however the types of boks he reads are significant: he reads boks which tease the shortcomings of people which may show that he chooses a path of belittling such shortcomings rather than healing them, a quality which is normally said to be gained through reading. Schelegel sisters Açıkçası bu paragrafın pek iyi olmadığını düşünüyorum biraz alakasız oldu ama yinede yazayım Schelegel sisters reads a lot, they are walking representatives of literature;however it can seen that literature cannot help them fill in the gaps in their life. They lack energy, action in their life. Margaret says at a point that nothing happens in their life no one gets marries no movement etc; they try to overcome this with literature but it is visible that they cant. Before it was believed that reading was a good activity for people,it could help people solve their problems but now it is a time in which it is believed that it misguides them, this can be seen in the second letter Helen wrties at the begining of the book. İt tells about a discussion between Henry and Helen about equality of women. Henry criticises her for having such ideas and says it it reading which mislead people to have such ideas. Helen easily yields to his ideas saying to margeret that she had never felt so embarrased in her life before. The reason why she sides with Henry is that she admires him for having the things which they lack in their life such as energy, making moves;taking decisions she tries to fill that gap through wilcoxes

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