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ENHANCEMENT OF PRODUCTIVITY OF THE RCRUITMENT PROCESS AT SILUETA PRIVATE LIMITED by N.V.P Janith Pubudu HDBM-F-101020 A dissert action Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Higher Diploma in Business Management NIBM BUiLDWG C&MRETEZNCiEIS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT November 2010 Preface This report was made by me after the experience that I had within three month of period in Silueta (pvt) Ltd. I joined with this company to gain the knowledge and improve this company with what I had learned in National Institute of Business Management- NIBM- Sri Lanka. Acknowledgement First of all I thank Mr. Asoka Perera- NIBM and Mr. Kolitha Ranawaka for the opportunity given to undergo the Industrial Training programme which enabled the preparation of this report. I sincerely thank Mr. Ajith Siyabalapitiya- Asst. Manager (HR) Unichela (pvt) Ltd. Mrs. Manique Jayasooriya- Manager (HR) Silueta (pvt) Ltd for their support in enabling me to undergo this training at Silueta. My gratitude goes to my family members and friends who helped me in various ways to carry out this report. Executive Summary My report focuses basically on the recruitment process which our organization has practicing. . The report contented in information about the each and every activity carryout in the recruitment process and how to make them effective and efficient. The objective is this report is to make the awareness of identify the new strategies for future development and to provide the conception of making satisfied customer at the end of the recruitment process. At the end of this project I have proposed some of recommendations that I believe can effectively work on making zero delays in the deliveries and how to make effective and efficient work flow throughout system. Contents Preface i Acknowledgement ii Executive Summary iii

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