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Productivity Improvement! General Lack of productivity costs money which a ects the bottom line. In today’s world an organization can not a ord to leave such potential untapped. No matter what type of organization, the search for and the need to improve productivity is the ultimate goal. This is true today, as it was yesterday as it will be tomorrow. Money is wasted each and every day in organizations, through lack of ability to recognize areas of potential improvement. A joint e ort at all levels, management, supervision and ‘shop oor’, will produce results. Productivity Improvement - The Ultimate Goal In any approach to improving productivity, there are a number of fundamental aspects which should be taken in account. These are: Productivity is a state of mind and should be promoted as such. Productivity improvement is not only something for large organizations. Involve as many employees as possible in the search to improve productivity. It should be a continuing program, for it is never nished. Concentration should be made on controlling the controllable. Improving productivity is not achieved by raising voices against people. Improving productivity is the real key to national prosperity under a rising standard of living. No concern can a ord to ignore the concept and practice of productivity improvement. Money must often be spent in one place to save in another. Improving productivity requires resourcefulness, imagination, and enthusiasm. Productivity leadership ows from the top down. It rarely seeps up from the bottom. Today, as ever, no organization can a ord to ignore the constant need to improve productivity. It is not di cult to do once you know the basics involved in measurements, standard settings and method improvement. The two most di cult parts of the operation are, rstly starting it and secondly, keeping it going. Here is

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