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The movies “Baby Mama” and “Daddy Daycare” is looking at both different and similar topics from different perspectives. In “Baby Mama” the protagonist is not able to bear children and with the help of institutions she gets help. A surrogate mother is picked by them who is a carrier who will be bearing our characters children with having her genes inside with the help of the medical science. So the main idea is “Getting A Children”. Whereas on the other hand in “Daddy Daycare” the roles of the mother and father switches due to financial issues respectively. To earn money , father gets into the business of day-caring with his friend. Throughout the whole movie they encounter almost every type of kid. Instead of focusing making the child , the movie is focused on “Raising the child” and what is the standards that child needs to have. In my opinion I would be sending my children to the Chapman Academy , because having a jackass kid who is hard to tame is always stressful but whereas on the other hand having a child who is bright and especially “tamed” would be rejected by only mentally impaired people , or by the people who never had “untamed” sibling or children. When it comes to the variation of the family roles in the movies ; the first thing we notice in “Baby Mama” is that we are seeing how business woman is standing alone by herself and making baby with the help of a surrogate mother [explained earlier]. As we have seen in our course that 50 years ago women did not have such “privileges”. Yet we are witnessing how the holy meaning of the family is being diminished in the movie dramatically. We have witnessed how baby can be born from another woman and with no father. In “Daddy Daycare” we are seeing a change between the fundamental roles of the mom and dad. Such change would be really rare 50 years ago and the fact that the need of daycares arouse because the women
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