Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors

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Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Paper Michael Coleman PSY/428 Organizational Psychology Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas 3/26/12 Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors Paper A productive behavior within the workplace is expressed by the individual positively accomplishing the goals and objectives of an organization. It is a motivation in itself, it uplifts, carries out the purpose of a company. The counterproductive behavior is exhibited by low job performance, substance abuse, tardiness, harassment, and theft. They both impact the workplace in separate ways. A productive impact is positive and supplies a company with good job performance. Since an individual’s performance is based on their behavior a company relies on this to be more productive. Productivity helps companies gain value for stockholders. A company that has positive workers motivates other positive employees to increase their abilities. The counterproductive behavior has multiple forms it takes; from harsh personalities that comes between team members. There is theft going on that threatens a company’s well being. With employee attendance it has its affects on company performance; by loss of wages and benefits, and employee withdrawal. This type of behavior also hinders and discourages productive individuals, not allowing them to perform at their best. Some people don’t realize working with and around others there must be communication between them. A display of anti-social behavior is a form of counterproductive behavior. Theft in a organization counts for billions being lost all over the world per year. Study shows that 45% of companies experience financial fraud, with average losses of $1.7 million. Employees sabotage work environments by damaging properties, ruining relationships, and harming of customers. The most productive forms of production are innovation, job

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