Product Planning And Development Essay

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ECE520.427 Class #2 Product Development and Product Planning Outline: Class #2 Introduction to product design and development Product development process Intermission – get some popcorn Product planning Homework assignment #1 What is Product Design and Development? Product development is a set of activities starting with the perception of a market opportunity and ending with the sale of a product Product design is one aspect of the development process Engineering design specifies how the technical systems will work Industrial design specifies the aesthetics, ergonomics, and user interface Other development activities include marketing and manufacturing Success of the product typically depends on the success of all three development activities Successful Product Development Marketing (pre-design) Identification of market opportunities (pre-design) Identification of customer needs (pre-design) Identification of target pricing (post-design) Promotion of product Design Product quality Product cost (includes development cost) Development time Development capability Manufacturing Production system Supply chain Examples Good market research and bad design: Archos vs. Apple Archos 20GB Released October 2001 350 g, 1.3” thick File-based organization system Ugly interface iPod 5GB Released November 2001 184 g, 0.78” thick ID3-based organization system Pretty interface Examples Good design and marketing and bad manufacturing Example 1: Wii Example 2: Lenovo X61 Tablet Why Is Good Product Development Difficult? Trade-offs Dynamics Details Time pressures Economics Generic Design Process Phase 0: Planning Phase 1: Concept Development Phase 2: Phase 3: System-Level Detail Design Design Phase 4: Testing and Refinement Phase 5: Production Ramp-Up Marketing Design Manufacturing Generic Design Process Phase 0: Planning

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