Product Market Analysis

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Product Market Analysis Paper COM/100 The product that I will be discussing is daycare facilities. I do not think that they are a well marketed business. There are several different options that they can use to boost their business if they are a popular daycare. The way I heard about my daughter’s daycare was through a friend. She used to work there and it was a major plus that it was at a church as well. I looked it up online and their website only had the basic information needed for potential students. I think that the reason they chose to use the internet as their way of advertising is because people are always searching for daycare facilities for their children. However, I do not think that they are doing a successful job at advertising if they want people to know about their location. I very rarely if ever see anything on television about daycare facilities. I do however really like where by daughter goes to daycare at because it is not just a daycare but a school up to 6th grade. She is three years old and her class is considered part of the pre-school division. I think that they are not successful in their advertising because they are not putting themselves out there for others to see what a great facility they have. They can market their business better by developing an advertising strategy. Some ways they can do this is by getting a game plan. The supervisors and the leaders at the daycare need to come up with different ways on how to get their name out there. They can effectively market their product by advertising in local papers and magazines. They could offer a discount of a registration fee in the local paper and magazines. This would appeal to those who can afford to send their child to this daycare but do not really have that extra money needed for the registration fee. They could decide to host an open house so potential students

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