Product Liability Essay

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Running head: Products Liability PRODUCTS LIABILITY MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION v. LALIBERTE “The phrase (caveat emptor (“buyer beware”) warned that most sellers made no promises with regard to their goods in the U. S. and Britain for centuries. However, common law had shifted by the middle of the twentieth century, allowing those injured by dangerous products to hold both sellers and manufacturers accountable (Halbert/Ingulli, 2012 pg. 282).” In response to question 1: Describe the company, type of business and the product safety issue that led to the lawsuit. “Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) headquartered out of Cypress, CA and is responsible for manufacturing, financing, distributing and marketing of brand coupes, convertibles, sedans, light trucks, and crossover utility vehicles through a network of hundreds of dealers throughout the U.S. The company has been around for over thirty years, their cars provide a unique blend of spited performance, inspired design, and durability (Mitsubishi, Who We Are, n.d., para. 1-2)”. They continue to build cars for those uncompromising souls seeking a driving experience that’s all too rare in today’s world and those confident individuals who refuse to settle and who are searching for a car so responsive it goes beyond transportation to become an extension of themselves. Cars that actually feel different from the first time you turn the key and come with a build-in confidence that continues year after year, mile after mile (Mitsubishi, About, n.d. para. 1-2).” With Mitsubishi being a loved brand of vehicle it doesn’t pass the fact that every major car corporation isn’t faced with challenges at some point in time. Mitsubishi is not exempt from the debate about product liability and consumer safety; which would leave any company vulnerable while questioning the role their company could play

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