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Product Liability Kudler Fine Foods does not have much information on their legal aspects. Kathy Kudler uses her sister-in-law who is a tax attorney for any legal questions she may have (Apollo, 2007). Kathy uses legal forms provided by vendors or obtains copies from “off–the-shelf” programs. With three locations, and selling items such as fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, cheese, and dairy products, and providing cooking classes, Kathy needs to get serious about legal responsibilities. The following explains more detail (Apollo, 2007). Definition According to Allbusiness, product liability is; In general, a manufacturer’s responsibility to market safe products. Under the law of torts, a manufacturer is held strictly liable when one of its products, placed on the market with the knowledge that it will be used without inspection for defects, proves to have a defect that causes injury to a human being. Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh have a simpler explanation of product liability, “part of tort law that holds businesses liable for harm that results from the production, design, sale or use of products they market” (p. C-5). Kudler Fine Foods does not produce or design items; however, they sell food from near-by farmers, local vendors, and cooking supplies, and utensils. Cases of Product Liability The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Serice reported more than 73,000 cases of E. Coli happen annually in the United States (Connally, 2009). E. Coli causes illness and health-related costs of more than $450 million a year. An example of an E. Coli breakout occurred in 2006 involving spinach packaged for Dole Foods in California. This case caused an estimated $37 to 74 million in losses (Connally, 2009). Kudler Fine Foods sells specialty items purchased from local growers in the area. This type of outbreak could easily have

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