Product Dumping Essay

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Course Name: Course Instructor: Date of Submission: Abstract This paper is a case study of consumer safety in product dumping that establishes what is legal, moral and ethical that agents are asked to do. It clearly shows how multinational firms sell prohibited products to consumers in other nations, most likely to third world countries. This comes together some effects and problems that involve consumer safety that has been a business ethic issue. It also gives examples like “made in U.S.A-dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq…”that brings controversial issues of dumping. It also outlines ways in which this is morally problematic ,what motivates companies to exercise dumping and the possible future consequences of not doing the right act like biodiversity which is the major one. Introduction In reference to Business Law, there is one thing that i learnt from it that is, in the business world, .any things might be unethical, unprofessional and immoral, but it does not always mean that it is illegal. I think this is why many manufacturers has the courage to sell harmful products to consumers in other nations. According to my opinion, dumping these products is immoral and unethical (. If the recipient nation of these products do have not yet set a law against it or to mention for instance, U.S does not prohibit selling such products to foreign markets, manufacturers can and will do whatever to earn profit from them). (William shaw,2008). For me, the two actions are unethical, buying known products that can harm human beings and selling such product to other states knowing that it can cause fatalities or kill people. A multinational firm with its cooperate headquarters located in the U.S can sell a banned product in another country. This is because

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