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Name of the Participant: Ms. Manu Trivedi SMS ID – 108816 SID – RB11051 Course – Product & Brand Management PGCBM 19 Centre- Green Park, New Delhi Current Organization: SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. Designation: Facility Executive No. of Years of Experience: 4 Years Name of the Term Paper- Jet Airways – A study on Product & Brand Management Objective Jet Airways Group is a giant in the Indian aviation industry. In this paper, the focus is to study all aspects of the company. Beginning from the history of the Indian aviation industry to the inception and growth of the company. The branding and marketing strategy adopted by Jet Airways, the products and services offered, the product line extension and initiatives taken to tackle the growing competition are the main touch points of this study. Introduction * History of Indian aviation Industry Tata Airlines gave birth to the Indian Aviation Industry. Mr. JRD Tata was the first Indian to get an A-license. However, in the year 1946 Tata airlines became Air India. With the commencement of the Air Corporation Act in 1953, all existing airline assets were nationalized and establishment of Air India International and Indian Airlines Corporation took place which operated in the international and domestic sectors respectively. Till the year 1991, Indian Airlines Corporation and Air India International enjoyed a monopoly in the industry. * History of the Company Jet Airways entered the Indian Aviation industry in the year 1992 when private players were given permission to operate only “charter” and “non-scheduled” services under the Air Taxi scheme to boost tourism. Following the suite several private players like Air Sahara, Modiluft, Damania Airways, East West Airlines and NEPC Airlines started operating in the domestic sector of the Indian Aviation Industry. With the repeal

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