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Introduction Over time the demands of the population changes and increases as the population continues to grow. The population of the United States have grown at an enormous rate and the pace of is continuing to become faster. Due to the rapid increase in the United States population, there has been a tremendous amount of pressure placed on the entire health care system to keep up with the increase in health demands that are associated with the increase in population. In 1930 the U.S. population rate was 123,202,660 and has increased to 308,745,538 in 2010 (Pollard, & Mather, 2010). When looking at the growth of the U.S. population on the Population Reference Bureau website, you will notice that each 100 million has happened sooner than the previous 100 million. This growth has also been seen here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where the city’s population has grown by 23.6 percent to a population of 229,617 from 2000- 2010 (Bennett, 2011). Identify a specialty that fits for your geographic area and justify your selection. As Vice President of Marketing of a hospital in my geographic, I have determined that cardiac care will be the specialization the hospital will go in the direction of. North Carolina has high prevalence rates of major behavioral risk factors which contribute to the growth of heart disease. 80 percent of the adult population does not achieve the recommended amount of daily physical activity along with 79 percent of adults in North Carolina that does not consume the daily recommended number of fruits and vegetables. Another behavioral risk factor for this state is that 26 percent of North Carolina adults have not had their cholesterol checked in 5 years ("Heart disease: still,"). Heart disease in North Carolina has been one of the top causes of death for plenty of years. In 2001, 14,597 out of 18,729 people who died from heart

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