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Product, price, and promotional elements Product, price and the promotion elements are the most important factors in the marketing mix. They determine how one company cuts a competitive edge in the industry. In view of the competitive marketing landscape in the industry, these companies have been coming up with different strategies which are aimed at cutting a competitive edge over the other. Lets us review how each company has been doing in view of these three factors. McDonalds (i) Product The company has introduced a range of children meals. Starting with the Happy Meal (fries or pre-cut apple, child size soft drink, milk, chocolate milk, or apple juice, and hamburger cheeseburger, grilled sandwich or four chicken nuggets) that is targeted to kids above one year, the company introduced Might Kids Meal (double cheeseburger, double hamburger or six piece chicken McNugetts and a toy) in 2001 which target children above 8 years. (McDonald, 2008) (ii) Price McDonald offers their kids meal at a lower cost of about $3 and above which is considered lower compared to others. Wendy (i) Product In wake of criticism on the use of fries, the company has come up with other ingredients including one serve milk in place of soda and inclusion of fresh fruit juice in its menu. Like McDonalds, the company had Wendy’s Kid’s Meal (Wendys, 2008). (i) Price The firm offers kid milk and fresh fruit cup a la carte with milk retailing at 89 cents and fruit at $1.39. However the whole pack of kid’s meal is offered also from the price of $3 depending on the place it was purchased. Burger King (i) Product Burger King has also entered in the lucrative kid’s meal market with the Kids Club Meal. Kid’s meal is composed of entrée, side order, beverage and toy which are tied with a movie or popular show. Like McDonalds, their kid’s meal are divided into toddler, kids and

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