Prodigal Son Essay

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ENGL 1302 05 March 2013 Symbolism of the Parable of the Prodigal Son Jesus uses parables as one of his way to teach. A parable is a story that is used to illustrate a moral or a spiritual lesson that is told by Jesus in the Gospels. The parable of the “Prodigal Son” is a short story that is written in the bible to show how a prodigal son repents after all of his sins and God forgives him. This story has symbolic meaning to the forgiveness that God has for every one of his children and all of the sins that they commit and rejoice of the father that he has for the return of an ungrateful and dissipated son. In the parable of “The Prodigal Son” the younger son is “volatile and mercurial, and impatient of restraint, roving, and willing to try his fortune, and, if he fall into ill hands, likely to be a rake, notwithstanding his virtuous education.” (Henry). The prodigal son represents the sinner in a way to which he wants his inheritance now instead of waiting how he is suppose to and wants to spend it however he pleases. The son wants to be away and free from all of the rules in the household, the rules that his father has set up for everyone. That proves how far away and not committed to God the sinner is by doing whatever he wants to do without caring about the consequences that he will have to face later on. While committing all of his sins the son spends all of the inheritance that was given to him in a bad and very wasteful manner. Once the son sees that he has spent everything that he has he lives in destitute feeding the pigs and eating all of their leftovers. Then he realizes that he has been living a life of sin and that to be forgiven he will have to repent. He then went to his father and confessed that he had offended him, treated him unkindly, and had provoked him by his course of conduct (Barnes). He was then saved by God and would have eternal life
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