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Kaczowski 2 Proctor and Gamble is a company that serves consumers in more than 180 countries. This company is trying to improve the lives of consumers with their simple/practical strategy. They provide branded products and services to people in every country to better their lives. Proctor and Gamble serves about 4 billion people every day out of the 7 billion people that live on the planet today. P and G are improving the quality of lives that people have now. Proctor and Gamble had a program called “Live, Learn, and Thrive” and this helped millions of people out. In that program they had something like 1 pack of pampers would equal one vaccine for a sick or homeless child. Many people who are with Proctor and Gamble did that deal and helped millions of people out in the end. Proctor and Gamble are in it for the people and helping them in any way that they can, either by creating new products or selling the name brand products to the people. P and G have about 145 different nationalities from around the world that support the company and just help improve the lives of everyone. Proctor and Gamble has over 170 years of history and the company is still growing larger and larger every day. P and G are very responsible and always deliver leading results to many consumers anywhere on the planet. P and G breaks down their company into three simple steps. They have Purpose, Values, and Principles. Those three things show that P and G know how to treat consumers and deliver what they they want to have a better/improved life. Also P and G have very high standards so they can achieve excellence or the best of the best evrytime they do something to help improve the company or the consumer’s life. P and G has 50 top of the line household brands for everyday consumers like Tide, Bounty, and the newly added brand to the company which is Pringles chips. Also 26 of these 50

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