Procter And Gamble Case Analysis

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“Innovation” is a central matter in the development of a competitive advantage for companies now days. Firms are always looking for original ways to gain new and important knowledge in order to compete in a complex and _ environment. The aim of this paper is to give an answer at two main questions: “What qualifies as an innovation and how does the innovative process relate to creativity?” and “How do Innovators search for new knowledge?”. To get a more concrete and solid point of view about how and where a company can seek new knowledge I will support my arguments with the Procter and Gamble case with a focus on their project “Connect + Develop”. The first section of the paper will explains the characteristics and what is consider as innovation…show more content…
Innovation is the fundamental tool for that the companies have to be differentiated in the market and the gain the competitive advantage that will let them succeed: “Innovation as a means to create and maintain sustainable competitive advantages” (Johannessen & Lumpkin, 2001, p. 20). This process, or mindset, should be the priority for every firm that want to develop and deliver to the customers and high value that will be perceived by them as positive and different from everything that is currently on the market (Snow, 2007, p.…show more content…
An example of this are the online community: the companies can establish a direct and strong connection with the community of customers to gain insight, to solve problems and to gain knowledge about their behavior and preferences. They are an important tools to help the different firms in innovate the symbolic value they are offering by better understand it through the perceptions of the people they are address

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