Procter and Gamble

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An Outline to Research the Business Communications Structure of Procter & Gamble Company I. Organizational Culture A. The basic purpose for the consumers 1. P&G provides diverse brand products and services a. beauty & grooming (1). Always, Camay, Crest, Ghost, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Rejoice, Nioxin, ect. b. household care (2). Ace, Bounce, Cheer, Era, Mr. Clean Puffs. 2. P&G provides high quality product to serve consumers' demand 3. P&G can constantly develop new products 4. P&G tries to improve consumers' lives. B. The complete organization to achieve their value 1. the organization has a lots of levels a. leadership b. managerial level c. executive level d. the lowest worker 2. the important friendship and sociability a. built the good friendship with Unilever b. acquisitions of many others' brand C. The attitude of P&G 1. do work with honest and straightforward attitude 2. find the right way and thing to work 3. have confidence to product, serve and work 4. have passion to try their best to work 5. respect other customers, colleagues and consumers. D. The organization's heroes 1. William Procter, James Gamble a. how they found the P&G company b. the history of the P&G 2. Bob McDonald a. Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive officer b. explains how the power of P&G's purpose II. Diversity & Inclusion A. The mission of diversity & Inclusion at P&G a. "Everyone valued, Everyone included, Everyone performing at their peak." B. P&G is a community of diverse 1. hire the talented people who come from different countries, religions and social classes. 2. supports a supportive environment to inspire their workers to bring their personal best.
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