Procrastinators Unite Tomorrow

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Procrastination is easy to do and hard to stop. Anything and everything can be a cause for procrastination, but the effects are all basically the same. Procrastination deals the same basic effects, but it still hits us as hard as ever. Procrastination is a cruel mistress that appears wonderful from afar, but the closer one gets to her the harder it is to escape. The first effect of procrastination is even more work to do than before. When one procrastinates, more and more work piles on top of the work that one already had to do. The pile grows more as one procrastinates more. Therefore, when one finally escapes procrastination he or she must do even more work than before. Procrastinating takes up a lot of time. Procrastination will hang over one’s head until he or she can’t stand it anymore. It lingers in the back of one’s mind and when one is done procrastinating he or she does not have a lot of time left to do his or her work. Therefore, since one has very little time he or she does a sloppy, mediocre, B.S. job. This, of course, gets one a bad grade and plenty to be embarrassed about. Having to do all that work in almost no time at all brings such an immense amount of stress down one’s body that it can become very unhealthy. When one procrastinates he or she might stay up at night and get little or no sleep at all. Since this happens stress becomes even heavier on one and can provoke serious medical issues. Procrastination doesn’t only attack one’s quality of work or health, it makes one appear to be lazy and uninterested in his or her job. Appearing to be lazy and uninterested is a profile a person should not want. If one is assumed to be lazy and uninterested he or she will find it hard to get a job or keep the one he or she might already have. Procrastination also leads to the failure of accomplishing one’s dreams. This does seem a little
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