Speech About Procrastination

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PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME A very good morning to honorable judges, fair timekeeper and my fellow friends. Now, I am going to deliver a speech titled “Procrastination is the thief of time “. The other day when my mom asked me to clean the room, I told her, “ Alright, I’ll do it in a minute!”. But I never did. Then my father told me to help him wash the car. I said, “Sure I will!” But I never did too! Then when my sister asked me to get some stuff for her from the shop, I replied, “Of course! Anything sis!” And yes, as you might have guessed, I did not do it either! I never did what I was supposed to do! What’s wrong with me? Didn’t I hear them right or what? Just what was I thinking of? Well, sounds familiar?…show more content…
For your information, overcoming procrastination is one of the most important skills to master if you wish to live life to the fullest. Do you know, sometimes one of the habits that is inculcated is procrastination. There will always be matter that arises and need immediate attention but they are often procrastinated to a later date or time. As a student, we will always feel that it will be more convenient to settle those matters later. Sometimes I do the same too! However, procrastination must be overcome to lead to self-improvement and later, a successful life. It is not always easy to identify the habit of procrastination, because it seems so simple to just stay in the comfort zone by putting off what needs to be done now for a later date or time. The ramification of this habit does not dawn upon the one who is practicing it initially, until the effects are felt. These effects can leave indelible scars on all involved in the situations in which procrastination is practiced. Then, parents and guardians should model the behavior they want their children to display. Children are good imitators of what they see and hear, so if they live in an environment in which procrastination is the order of the day, then they too will be procrastinators, and will soon discover that lost time will never be
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