Procrastination and Distraction Polished Draft #2 Essay

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Timothy Barrow Wimberly ENGL 110-31 21 October 2011 Procrastination and Distraction Just last winter, January 2, 2011, I experienced a near car-crash of consequences concerning procrastination and distraction around me. These consequences are nearly ubiquitous in our fast-paced world of smartphones and ultra-smart computers. It happened in my home. I parked my car, walked into my house, and then into my room after practicing my violin and hanging out with my friends all day. In my room, I gazed at my giant soft bed, a couple posters, and my shiny plaques and medals from the hard work and training I put into cross country and track. I noticed that there was something covering all of this. There was a great dark grey shadow enveloping my room’s soul. As I saw and felt the heaviness of the shadow upon my head and shoulders, it reminded me that I had to do something before the day – rather, the night – came to a close. I then convinced myself, “Alright, Tim, when you are in the this room there is going to be no Facebook, no more StumbleUpon, and no watching random YouTube videos of people injuring themselves from skateboards. You are going to write that essay under any circumstances, avoiding all distractions, temptations to do anything but write the essay, et cetera. You will accomplish nothing else tonight until you complete this essay. Just like Nike’s motto, ‘JUST DO IT!’ Let’s get this thing done while we’re still fresh.” The essay I referred to was the essay Loyola Marymount University required me to write for its application. As usual, I thought I could just push it off and postpone the task until a little later when I first saw the essay last fall. October turned to November, then December, and then, in January, I knew I was cutting it close. The problem about me

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