Procrastination Essay

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I. INTRODUCTION Choice of major in college can be one of the most important decisions a student can make. It is the stage in a student academic life wherein they are about to choose which path or career they should take and pursue. College choice is defined by Hossler, Braxton, and Coopersmith as “a complex, multistage process during which an individual develops aspirations to continue formal education beyond high school, followed later by a decision to attend a specific college, university or institution of advanced vocational training”. Whether their college choice would be met or not may determine their possible attitude or behaviour towards their academics, specifically, with their motivation. Deci and Ryan (1985), proposed the basis theory of Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) which was the known self-determination theory (SDT). Motivation, as defined from this theory, is said to be the underlying “why” of a behaviour. As for academic motivation, it is briefly defined as the “producing energy required for a certain academic task.” Thus, making academic motivation one of the greatest factors that may influence academic behaviour or in some cases, directly result to a certain academic behaviour. As motivation is considered a key for education, it is also hypothesized to have correlation with such behaviours affecting studying in general; which in this case: procrastination. Procrastination alone, according to Milgram (1998); Haycock (1998); and Kachgal (2001), is usually defined as the general trait or behavioural disposition for unnecessarily delaying or postponing tasks or even making decisions. This complex behaviour was examined and categorized by Sirin into five headings: (1) General procrastination; (2) Academic procrastination; (3) Decision-making procrastination; (4) Neurotic procrastination, and (5) Non-obsessional or non-functional procrastination.

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