Procrastination Essay

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Persuasive Speech Outline Format (Monroe’s Motivated Sequence) I. Introduction—Suppose that tomorrow is the deadline of your paper, you open up the Word document which without one word on it. But now you are not worry about it at all, you make a cup of coffee and plan to watch a movie instead. At the moment the thought come into your mind is that you are not in a hurry because you still have a whole night to finish your paper. Please pay attention, if you have had circumstance before like that, you may suffer from procrastination. II. Body—Showing the Need: Describing the Problem A. Problem Thesis Statement: I feel that procrastination is a pervasive conduct in modern society, especially among college students. But there are a lot of disadvantages of procrastination, so it is important to overcome it. B. Overview: Today, I am going to talk about procrastination. I hope you know the what is procrastination, the disadvantages of it, and how to overcome it. C. Evidence: (Facts) 1. So how serious procrastination is? According to the article “Belonging To tomorrow: An Overview Of Procrastination.” It says that “Estimates indicate that 80%–95% of college students engage in procrastination.” It can be seen that it is very serious. 2. Gerald Vaughan said that “Procrastination is something best put off until tomorrow.” There are several causes of procrastination, all of those causes could be concluded into one point, it is the diffidence. We are afraid that we will fail, resulting in we not even wanting to start. Moreover, if we spend little time but the outcome is good, it will promote our habit of procrastinating. 3. Procrastination is not only pervasive, it's also pernicious. The result of putting things off is lost of sleep, time, and energy but achieve less. It does become a
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