Procrastination Essay

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Procrastination Procrastination is defined as “putting off intentionally and habitually the doing of something that should be done”. It is a serious problem faced by nearly everyone. It is human nature to take a task that they dislike and tell themselves that they do not want to complete that task. By procrastinating, the procrastinator causes simple tasks to become much more stressful by waiting until the last minute to complete them. This adds an unnecessary stress to a person’s sometimes already stressful life. Procrastination cannot usually be linked to a single cause. Usually, there are multiple causes involving a combination of dysfunctional attitudes, rationalizations, and ineffective work habits. Three causes that will be explained are performance anxiety, low frustration tolerance, and the student syndrome. Performance Anxiety is a critical attitude that causes people to procrastinate. People who suffer from performance anxiety are those who need to perform the best at every task they complete. This is not necessarily a negative attitude, as some people who strive to complete every task to the best of their ability are very successful. However, it becomes a problem when an individual believes that if they don’t do an exceptional job on each task they complete, then they are a failure. This fear of failure paralyzes them when they try and complete a task. Nothing they do is good enough to them, which causes them to continuously delay completing the task until there is simply no time remaining. Another cause of procrastination is low frustration tolerance. This low tolerance is created when an individual looks at a task and sees it not just as difficult, but as far too difficult to complete. When an individual gives into this belief, this over-exaggeration of the actual difficulty of the task is used by the individual to convince their self

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