Processed Foods Should Be Eliminated

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Processed Foods Should Be Eliminated Prior to the mechanization of the preparation of our foods, we ate whole foods. The standard for flavor, nutrition, and volume was largely determined not by a chart, formula or chemist, but by our ability to grow or kill. Technology constantly advances, and at some point in the early 20th century, companies began to mass-produce less-nutritive foods. In the process of making foods able to not spoil for the time between manufacturing and purchase, the food changed: flavors of foods were muted by the processing, freezing, and packaging processes. Hamilton stated, “initial products utilizing frozen technology were underwhelming” (34). Then, chemists became involved. The fast food revolution in the 1950s and 1960s fit right into the expansion of the population to the suburbs. No longer did bland frozen dinners have to be eaten on busy nights – now there was McDonald’s. Andrews pointed out that what they did not tell us with their bright, happy advertising, though, is that the highly processed and regularized food they sell is vastly different than its whole food predecessor. Defining what nutrition meant allowed companies to promote food as “healthy” if it fit several definitions, even if it was loaded with pure refined sugar and fat. The processing, chemical, and fast food industries have taken advantage of the definition of parts of food, not the food as a whole, to sell less expensive, empty calorie food to an entire generation of kids who now thinks chicken nuggets are healthy because they contain all white meat. THESIS Today, it is becoming overly challenging to feed families healthy, whole foods because of the overwhelming supply and convenience of processed foods. Processed foods should be removed due to the harsh chemicals that can negatively affect our bodies by causing cancer, obesity, and addictive-like eating

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