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The Perfect Omelet Have you ever had the need for a quick, easy, and cheap meal? To save time and money in the rush to school or work, or just to save time and money in the kitchen, an omelet is a simple solution. When the need arises for a quick, simple, inexpensive meal, follow these steps for the perfect omelet. Before beginning, gather supplies, including: a medium non-stick frying pan (usually around twelve inches in diameter), butter, salt and pepper, fillings and cheese, and three eggs. For the sake of simplicity the fillings in this recipe will be sausage and bacon, but the contents going into the omelet are the choice of the preparer. To begin, prepare the fillings, in this case sausage and bacon, by cooking on medium heat until thoroughly cooked. Ground sausage is usually easier to prepare, but link sausage can be used by removing the wrapping from the outside of the sausage. When the fillings are done, set them aside. If the pan is to be reused to make the omelet, it must be washed to remove grease and particles left from the fillings, so that the omelet will not stick to the pan. Start by preheating the pan, level four on the selection knob on the stove usually works perfect. If the dial does not have numbers, medium-low will work. While the pan is preheating, crack the eggs by softly tapping one on the edge of the counter. Once the egg is cracked pull the two sections of the egg apart, dumping the contents into a bowl. Repeat with the other two eggs. Now would be the time to add salt and pepper to the egg mixture. Just add seasonings to the preparer’s taste. Next, whisk the eggs with the prongs of a fork, using a circular motion lifting the eggs upward out of the bowl, allowing the mixture to strain through the teeth of the fork. The eggs will be properly mixed when the yellow part of the egg is completely mixed with the white

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