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Work Schedule Throughout ones’ life there is bound to be a set schedule to help maintain self organization. Though according to ones occupation it may be called a work schedule, with set times, deadlines, or meetings. As an individual who works for Holland Hall primary school I am to follow a set schedule every day to help better assist the teachers with their classroom organization and the students with activities. Being a teachers’ assistant and a floater for the primary school my schedule varies from day to day. My schedule starts at 7:30 am sharp assisting with the before school club program. The program is designed to help parents who have to be at work before school starts to provide adequate supervision of their children. During before school club the children have self selected activities, recess, and then their regular school day begins. Once the second half of the day has begun there are four sets of teachers whom I assist, in their classrooms for approximately 40 minutes. During those forty minutes there are various tasks to complete. In the classrooms I get involved with the children in self selected activities that help them with reading, writing, and mathematics. After assisting in each classroom for forty minutes I work with that same teachers and students. Where I spend approximately one hour with the students working a selected activity that helps the students excel in a certain select study in which they need improvement. The selected studies range from reading, writing, math, spelling, science, and art. After spending time in each classroom the final school bell rings. After my work schedule ends I am no longer a teacher, I become a student. After assisting students throughout the day it is quiet relaxing to be the one that is being taught to help improve my own knowledge. Though I am currently taking two classes at Tulsa

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