Process Of Skiing

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Process of Skiing Swooshing down the slopes is a ton of fun if you know what you're doing. It’s something that I thoroughly enjoy doing. Skiing is something that I can do to just to enjoy myself. I love the feeling of getting to the top of the snow-covered mountain and looking out over the terrain. There’s something about a steep slope that gets my adrenaline pumping. I have skied a lot and I feel like I am very good. However, I was pretty awful when I started. There is a lot more to skiing then flying down the mountain because eventually stopping and turning becomes an issue. The first thing a prospective skier must do is practice gliding and staying in an athletic stance. Basically, gliding is walking and skating on the skis on flat ground. It is important to try to get a feel of how to balance on the skies. Once a feel for balance is achieved, stand on a gentle rise with the skis pointed downhill and glide straight down. Then try to practice slowing down using the wedge or snowplow method. The snowplow is one of the best ways to learn how to ski. The snowplow is where one angles each ski in a wedge shape and pushing the inside edges down into the snow. Little kids usually do this the best. I see them just going straight down slopes snowplowing the whole way. It allows them to keep they’re speed down and that keeps them under control. When the snowplow becomes easier, it’s time to start turning with it. Turning is the most important part of skiing. When turning becomes easy, try straightening out the skis. Going straight down is now easy because when one wants to slow down they can just turn one direction or the other. The sharper the turn, the more it slows the skier down. Now it’s time to hit the slopes! One of the hardest things for a beginning skier is getting of the chair lift. It’s difficult because there is not much room to move and the slope is

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