Process Management as Part of Is Management Essay

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"Process management is important as part of IS management because it provides a detailed outline of how business functions are completed within an organization. If management of an organization doesn't understand the businesses processes involved in a specific business function, then how do they know that the information compiled from their IS system is as accurate as possible. As outlined by the text, all levels of management within an organization rely on information compiled from their IS systems to see how the business is doing, are they achieving their business objectives, and make changes for future growth. If the business processes that are involved that generate these results aren't understood, then how does the business know if they are truly successful or are they just capturing part of the information. On the flip side, if an organization wants to change how their IS systems work within their organization they need to understand their business processes at a very detailed level. If an organization wants to share data across an organization as part of an ERP system, then they need to know exactly what data is captured by what group as part of their established business processes so it can be integrated together. It also gives organizations the opportunity to determine if the business processes can be enhanced or streamlined so that less individual groups are entering the same data multiple times. This discussion of business processes is interesting because I work with one of the major Canadian banks that always seems to be changing and evolving. Usually when there is some change being discussed, the first thing that's done is a detailed business process review by our internal team that does this function on behalf of the organization. Often you here from the front line staff that this is a waste of time and pointless, and that it takes forever for
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