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Process management Each and every operating system has its own compatible hardware list, as well as a set of recommended minimum and maximum requirements. And depending on the operating system, the requirements vary depending on which edition is currently being used. In this report, we will discuss the basics of Windows, Unix/Linux, and Mac Operating Systems. Windows: Windows operates on a process. And all processes contain one or more threads. Windows threads are the basic unit of process. From the programmer's perspective, each Windows process includes resources such as the following components: (Windows System Programming: Process Management (2010),) • One or more threads. • A virtual address space that is distinct from other processes' address spaces. Note that shared memory-mapped files share physical memory, but the sharing processes will probably use different virtual addresses to access the mapped file. • One or more code segments, including code in DLLs. • One or more data segments containing global variables. • Environment strings with environment variable information, such as the current search path. • The process heap. • Resources such as open handles and other heaps. Each thread in a process shares code, global variables, environment strings, and resources. Each thread is independently scheduled, and a thread has the following elements: • A stack for procedure calls, interrupts, exception handlers, and automatic storage. • Thread Local Storage (TLS)—An array like collection of pointers giving each thread the ability to allocate storage to create its own unique data environment. • An argument on the stack, from the creating thread, which is usually unique for each thread. • A context structure, maintained by the kernel, with machine register values. All of the Windows 7 editions (Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate) require a minimum

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