Process Essay: Zero Tolerance At School

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Zero Tolerance Red Group Grand Canyon University EDA555 July 21, 2014 Zero Tolerance Essay In our scenario, three students in Greeley, Colorado were observed playing with a water gun at the Union Colony Charter School. Colorado state law has a zero tolerance weapons law. This law mandates suspension of students who "carry, bring, use or possess a firearm or firearm facsimile at school." The water guns being used qualify firearm facsimile. The use of water guns occurred on school property. As such, the school administration suspended the students. Following the suspension, the students now face expulsion hearings. What is the law when you look at guns at school? Most schools have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to guns. “In 1994, legislation was passed called Gun Free Schools Act (GFSA) (, n.d.). This law covers the expectations that if a…show more content…
Eyewitnesses and evidence would indicate that the guns utilized by the student were water guns, therefore not a threat to anyone’s safety. Despite this, students would be expelled due to violating federal law. In Arizona each school district takes it policy on zero tolerance from state laws. Arizona’s law The Gun-Free Schools Act and state statute generally requires a one-year minimum expulsion of any student who brings a firearm to school. Tempe School District’s policy is “Mandatory expulsion recommendation possessing use of or assisting another person in possessing a firearm (as defended in JICI Weapons in school). Loaded or unloaded, operable, or inoperable; possessing, use of, or assisting another person in possessing a BB/pellet gun;
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