Process Essay: Reinstating The Military Draft

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Reinstating the Military Draft For the past four years the United States has been at war with Iraq. They have also been at war with Afghanistan since September 11, 2001. Since these senseless wars began, the military forces have been getting smaller and smaller. The armed forces recruiters are finding it harder to get new recruits to join the military. Branches of the service have been missing its recruiting mission for quite some time. The military draft is one of the most controversial topics that has and still plagues the American people. The military draft should be reinstated in order to eliminate the recruiting mission, give young men a better structured life and a sense of responsibility. Reinstating the draft could eliminate the…show more content…
Since the military puts lots of responsibility on its soldiers, this sense of responsibility could carry on into the civilian sector; therefore making young men more productive in society. Day in and day out the crime rate is steadily increasing. Young men in America are getting felonies on his record. This behavior is a direct reflection of the middle and upper class American people who support the war but not the draft. This is where the phase “momma’s boy” comes into play. Some American people will stand back and claims to be a supporter of the war in Iraq, but they don’t want there sons to be a part of this war. Congressman Charles Rangel put it best when he argued that, “the draft would spread the burden of war throughout society and force war supporters in the upper classes to put their children where their mouths are.” (9). He also stated, “It is time that all Americans; including the wealthy, be given the opportunity to prove their patriotism as well, by saluting when the flag goes up and defending their country in wartime. A military draft would ensure that.” Congressman Rangel, Congressman Rangel Introduces New Bill to Reinstate the Military

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