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How to Start Your Own Purse & Bags Company by Rick Suttle, Demand Media You will need a wholesale supplier for your purse and bags company. Related Articles * How to Start Your Own Mortgage Company * The Best Ways to Start Your Own Landscaping Company * How to Start Your Own Network Marketing Company * How to Start Your Own Guitar Company * What Do I Need to Start My Own Painting Company? * How to Start Your Own Investment Company You can start your own purse and bags company as a wholesaler or retailer. As a wholesaler, you could sell to various retail clothing or department stores. You could sell via the Internet or through catalogs as a retailer. Whatever the case, you will either need to design your own…show more content…
Apply for a merchant account through you local bank so you can accept credit cards. Make credit cards one of your payment options because you can potentially increase sales by 40 percent, according to Step 2 Obtain a vendor's license for sale tax purposes if you will be selling items retail. Obtain a DBA (doing business as) if you use a fictitious name for your business. Apply for both the vendor's license and DBA through your local county or city office. Step 3 Decide which brands of purses and handbags you want to sell. Research other purse and bag companies to see what products they are selling and the prices. Research both retail and wholesale sellers. Step 4 Find a wholesaler or manufacturer for your handbags if you do not design them yourself. Reference the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors at Call the NAW and ask for a list of potential purse and bag wholesalers. Go to the website and search for manufacturer suppliers. Step…show more content…
Order samples of some of your products and take pictures of them. Post the pictures on your website along with product descriptions. Use either wholesale or retail prices on your website, depending on whether you are targeting retailers or consumers. Step 7 Buy online advertising to attract national customers. Step 8 Visit retailers and wholesalers in your local area. Show the retail or wholesale owner or buyer products from your catalog. Try to sell purses and hangbags to these accounts. Give the retailer or wholesale representative a business card and brochure if they are not yet ready to order. Sell your purses and handbags to as many local retailers and wholesalers as you can. Step 9 Place classified ads in various retail and wholesale trade magazines, such as "Dealerscope," "Insider" and "Stores" magazine. Place classified ads in various clothing or apparel consumer magazines if you are retailing purses and bags. Run these ads continuously as long as you are pulling in customers from them. Send a sales letter, brochure, price list and order form when people write for more information. Include your website in your classified ads. Step

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