Process Essay: How To Be Successful In Fantasy Football

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Malai Varner Process Paragraph How to be Successful in Fantasy Football To be successful in Fantasy football you will need internet access, a good league and research football news. First, think about which players you want before drafting. You can use your football news as a guide; ESPN is always good to watch. I would get a quarterback or running back depending on what selection in the draft I got. If I could, I would try to get a top 5 quarterback, but if not I would get a running back then quarterback. A good quarterback and running back tandem could account for 60 to 70 percent of your final score. Those are 2 of your most important picks. Try to concentrate on players that have great stats as well as your favorites. Watch the picks. A pick means everyone drafts from an order of which is a lottery type system to pick 1-16 and then in inverse order until you obtain all your players. Do not pick a defense or kicker before you have filled most of your skill positions. Defense is basically luck of the draw and week to week matchups. As for kickers, just pick a dome kicker and you will be fine. Find the contract kids. Every year, players playing out of their last year contract perform higher and better than players who have signed fat salary contracts. Second, play for money; it makes the game much more fun and exciting. Third, pick up free agents. Free agents are players who don’t belong to a team. Free agents become available on…show more content…
I help him trade, pick, and setup his line up from week to week.. He won the Superbowl of his league last year, after losing the Superbowl the year before! In a league of 16, you better do your homework. Its little pickups that others miss that make or break your season. There is a lot of trash talking within the league. My husband’s league is very competitive and sometimes feelings get hurt but its good clean

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