Process Design Matrix and Summary

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Process Design Executive Summary Abiola Hamoud OPS/571 September 2, 2013. Abdoulaye Keita Process design for Services and Product “Product differs significantly, depending on the industry’’ (Jacobs & Chase, 2011). The process design is an integral part that aids the success of any company. The process design begins with planning, and this can be developed through advanced research linked by a good strategy. This executive summary highlights the process design for a service, a hotel and a product, Cow and Gate baby foods. Customer contact varies between services and product. The former has a higher level, unlike, the latter. Services and product should both be designed in a cost- effective manner. The facility and factory location should have an economic advantage. Services are people skilled that focus on the interaction with the public and customers’ needs and expectations. Product focuses on technical skills and how production will be enhanced to meet deadlines. Service Product- Kimbima Hotel The customer who books a room or comes into the hotel is the focal point. Production line is on demand. Therefore, the service triangle is as such: there is a service strategy that has support systems for both the customers and employees. Personal –Attention Approach Service is personal between the service provider, the hotel staff and the customer. “The main purpose of a service design is to plan, according to the requirements of the customers so that the service becomes user-friendly, competitive, and relevant to customers.’’ The hotel makes contact with the customer through mail contact, Internet, and on site technology, phone contact, face-to-face loose and tight specs and face- to- face total customization. Self-service approach is not ideal.

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