Process Customer Complaints Bsbcmn301B Essay

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Process Customer Complaints BSBCMN301B Assessment Nr.1 [pic] 1.Question What principal information should be recorded by a complaints register form? ➢ The main information recorded in a complaints register form is person who complains name, organization title date of complaint, nature of complaint and the name of person who revived the complaint. How might this information be used? ➢ Information can be used as a proof of what action and details taken. This information as well can be used as learning information, how don’t do any more the same mistakes and how to solve it. 2. Question Using the Mirvac’s Customer Service Policies (see on L drive) how should you handle a complaint well to improve the organisation’s business? ➢ According Mirvac’s we need to use 3 steps scenario: ✓ Summary of the problem ✓ What could s/he have done differently? ✓ How can the problem be resolved? What is one way you could improve your ability to handle a complaint? ➢ Speak to every guest clearly and listen intently to their words and feelings to meet their needs. Why it is important to protect customer privacy? ➢ The main reason is customer’s safety, we want to protect their bank information, personal information and guarantee that organization is taking care of their customers. How would you deal with a customer who felt their privacy had been breached at Mirvac? ➢ Don’t take it personally ➢ [pic] Remain calm and listen carefully ➢ [pic] Focus on the problem not the person ➢ [pic] Suggest solutions ➢ [pic] When all else fails – ask for help. 3. Question Think of a time when you had a poor experience with an organisation, which resulted in a complaint. Briefly describe the concern. How did the organisation respond to your complaint?

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