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Process and Terminology Paper

  • Submitted by: lisajbug80
  • on October 1, 2012
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Process and Terminology Paper
Lisa M. Mech
September 24, 2012
John Dosdall

There are many steps in the research process. One is that you need to review the section. Investigate the area of the problem and see if you can find ways to find the reason behind it (Frank, E, 2010). The second is to research a design. Is this an experimental or a non-experimental approach? Are their studies of group or groups that are learning about the time of the event? The third is data collection. You or a group need to find data that is part or the problem. By finding the data can help you in your search for answers. The next is analysis and presentation of findings, this is a great method to use because you need to be able to summarize, report, and statistically analyzing what are the right approach for your research (Frank, E, 2010). Last is the conclusion, the conclusion is import because you need to put in your research what you has study, and to also let researches think what you have to say is right   (Frank, E, 2010).
With many different words in the criminal justice field there are many that I don’t know. When I started this class know had us look at the term in the chapters and choose the terminology that we have learned in class. I am glad to know that we are going to learn about the terminology in the chapters. Most of the terminology that I have learned is either easy for me to understand or it’s not. I choose the words that I thought would be beneficial for me to learn more about as the week go on. Theory, Methodology, Research shock, Shield laws are some of the words that I am new too and are willing to learn about. Theory is the attempt to classify the events. It also explains the cause of the event happened and to also predict which direction the event is going in Hagan, (Frank, E, 2010). Theory also understands why and how the events happened or occurred. Theory also shows what the underlying meaning and to let people know what they are looking like...

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