Process and Location Strategy

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1. As Diane’s new assistant, you need to flowchart this process. Explain how the process might be improved once you have completed the chart. First I know it would be impractical of me to suggest that all expecting mothers who come to labor and delivery be pre-registered, that way one of the steps could be eliminated. 2. If a mother is scheduled for a Caesarean- section birth, how would this flowchart change? If the mother is scheduled that means she is already registered, and the hospital know that the baby is going to be birthed that day. So the expecting mother would be taken to the operating room, baby would be delivered, they would go to the mother-child recovery room, then discharged. The mother would go from step 2 to step 6, then to step 8. A more simple process. 3. If all mothers were electronically preregister, how would the flowchart change? Redraw the chart to show your changes. 4. Describe in detail a process that the hospital could analyze, besides the ones mentioned in this case. 1. Pregnant women could preregister at 20 weeks when they come to the hospital to get the ultra sound done to determine the baby’s sex. This way when they are ready to deliver they could skip the registration process. 2. If a cesarean is scheduled, admission could be done 3 hours before the operation that way the admin paperwork is complete. 3. If the delivery was not complicated mothers and baby could be released in 24 hours that way rooms come available faster. During discharge the mothers could make a follow up appointment with their doctors within another 24 hours. This would save bed space, and still give the mother peace of mind. References: Flow Chart. Retrieved from

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