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Before you start you should know you will be working with heavy tools used to take your tire off, cleaning products to clean your tire, and spray paint The tools and things you will need are a Car Jack, Lug wrench, Microfiber towels, Painters tape, Index Cards, 4 Cans of black plastic dip from, 4 Cans of clear coat plasti dip from The first thing you are going to do is take off one of your wheels and wash it by wetting one microfiber towel and cleaning the wheel of all dirt, grime, and spots than spray wheel cleaner on it and clean the remaining stuff on your tire. Than dry the wheels with another microfiber towel. After your tires are dry you're going to place the index cards around the wheel to prevent spraying the tires. Stick them under the lip of the wheel. Then you tape off the air cap and the TPMS sensors When you have your tires ready to go you're going to get your first can of plasti dip and shake it well. After you've shaken it, apply one even coat on the wheel. Get all the corners and edges first than the flat surfaces allow it to fully dry for about 10 minutes. The coat of plastic dip will be very glossy, but will turn flat black when they dry. Apply your second coat the same way you did the first one make sure you keep the can moving when spraying so the spray does not clump up. Wait for coat 2 to dry for another 10 minutes and apply 3 more coats for a total of 5 coats to the tire with the black. Now you will let the black dry for a good amount of time. You will get your clear coat can and shake it well, spray the clear coat the same way you did the black wait 10 minutes than spray another coat for a total of 2 coats of the clear. Once all the paint is dry let your tires dry over night the next day take your newly painted tires and put them back on your car making sure not to scratch the paint while putting

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