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Perla Mondragon September 21, 2014 ENG 101 Process Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe Nearly everyone loves desserts. Whipped cream cheese frosting is one of many favorites. It’s creamy, smooth and sweet, and its rich flavor will satisfy anyone’s cravings. It’s a really easy recipe to follow that requires a few ingredients and equipment; the best part is that it takes only a few minutes. As a baker I’ve been following this recipe for years. You can, too, if you follow these three simple steps. Gather the equipment and ingredients follow the recipe carefully step by step, and decorate it appealingly. The first step to making Whipped cream cheese frosting is to make sure you have all the proper equipment. You will need an electric mixer; other options could be with a hand mixer with beaters attached, or by muscle power with a whisk and a metal bowl. Make sure to have a rubber spatula and an icing spatula. We will be using the rubber spatula to scrape every last drop of the frosting out of the bowls and mixing together the whipped cream with the cream cheese. The icing spatula will help with smoothing out the whipped cream onto your favorite desserts so you end up with a flatter surface at the end. Measuring tools will also be necessary for this recipe along with two medium bowls. It is important to have a set of measuring cups and spoons because you will need them to measure out your wet and dry ingredients. If you don’t have any of these equipment tools don’t worry you can easily find them at a local store such as Bed Bath and Beyond, IKEA, Michaels, and Target etc. The prices are economical and the quality is always good. Now let’s move on to ingredients you will need for this recipe. You will need an 8oz package of Philadelphia original cream cheese bar. White sugar I personally like to use the C&H® Pure Cane Granulated sugar. Regular salt, vanilla

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