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The purpose of the supply chain design paper is to help the reader establish an understanding of what is encompassed within an organizations supply chain. The Hawthorne Suites Hotel, located in the Disney area of Orlando, is the organization to be discussed. Included within the paper will be information on outsourcing and its effects, mass customization and challenges, supply chain management, capacity planning and value stream mapping. Each discussion point will be centered around the Hawthorne Suites Hotel. Supply Chain Design “Outsourcing is the act of moving some of a firm’s internal activities and decision responsibility to outside providers. The terms of the agreement are established in a contract” (Chase, 2006). Outsourcing can be critical to a company’s existence within the world today. High turnover positions contained by industries are good examples of where outsourcing a need can lead to company success. In the hotel industry, an example of high turnover positions are the front desk and custodial areas. The need for competent individuals is great, however, turnover can be burdensome for management in need to constantly fill these positions. Obtaining contracts with a qualified outsourcing company can allow the positions to be filled timely without multiple interviews directly from the employer. Hawthorne Suites Hotel utilizes outsources for the areas of the front desk and custodial positions. The outsourcing company and Hawthorne have created a contract that allows management to fill these specific positions within 2 to 3 business days. The timeliness of the fill rates allow for “peace of mind”, however, proper training is still necessary to ultimately succeed in the position. Mass Customization Mass customization enables an organization to meet the needs of global consumers through delivering custom products or services to those

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