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Sundays are usually a lazy day, when families enjoy time together, eat breakfast, and relax. Eggs benedicts is always favorite, and a tradition in many families. I am here today to show you how to make a delicious, easy, 3 ingredient hollandaise sauce that will make your mouth water. A) Ingredients 1) Egg yolks (40) - Beaten together first, then put on a double boiler 2) Butter (2 lbs) - Melted and boiling hot 3) Lemon juice (1 cup) – Room temperature B) Utensils 1) Double boiler-with 1-1/2 inches of hot water in bottom 2) whisk-(electric, because there is a lot of whisking) 3) Thermometer 4) Gas stove 5) Pot holders C) Directions 1) whisk egg yolks together, then place over the bottom part of double boiler with hot water in the bottom and turn stove on high, note-continue to whisk throughout entire process, to prevent egg yolks from becoming “scrambled” 2) Add hot butter slowly (little by little) continue whisking. 3) Continue whisking while watching the egg yolk and butter combo, the sauce will thicken (about 30 seconds to 1 minute) 4) Continue whisking and add room temperature lemon juice, note- the sauce will become lighter yellow in color. 5) Continue whisking, check temperature using thermometer- sauce should be around 160 degrees F. ( the eggs have to be brought up to that temperature to kill off any bacteria that may be in the raw eggs.) 6) Once 160degrees F has been reached, pull top part of double boiler off the bottom part, place on table and continue to whisk for a few seconds. 7) The sauce should be somewhat thick, but not runny! If sauce it still runny put back on heat and bring temperature up to 160 degrees F. ( this is usually the cause of a runny sauce) 8) Then pour over your poached eggs and enjoy! 8) A few pointers, should the sauce become too thick and gloppy, you can add a small

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