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Shocked to find that my cell phone was stolen, though feeling depressed, I immediately borrowed my roommate’s mobile phone to call the police. After I depicted what had happened over the phone, the policewoman promised that they would be on the spot at once. When we had waited at Guoshun Gate for around 15 minutes, the cell phone rang suddenly. It was the policemen--they were on the way but could not find the exact place at which we were. After a long elaboration, we waited for another 5 minutes anxiously. With a sharp honk, a police car stopped. I went at a steady trot towards it. At the same time, a short policeman with a beer belly got out of the car. His mustache made him look kind of funny while two small eyes and the frown on his face showed impatience as well as arrogance. “Was it you who called the police?” My observation was interrupted by his question. “Yes.” I answered. “Show me your ID card.” Even though a little bit annoyed by his harsh manners, I handed my ID card to him as commanded. “Wait a minute.” He took out a notebook and wrote my personal information on it before returning it to me. With a quick glimpse I found that his handwriting really awful. “When and where did you lose it?” He asked without looking up. “About 20 minutes ago, when I was crossing the road. I found it missing as soon as I arrived at this side of the street.” “Where did you put it before it was gone?” “In the left pocket on my coat. Do we need to watch the surveillance video? ” “You don’t have the right to do so.” “But the security guard suggested that I could apply for it if...” “I’m in charge here!”He interrupted me impertinently, proud of his status,“Did you find any suspect?” “No.” I was irritated by his rude attitude. “Detailed information about the cell phone.” He kept on asking curtly. “It’s a black and white lenovo A500 mobile phone. My dad bought it at
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