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Phase 1 Individual Project Problem Scenario A Discussion Betty Thompson INTD670-1403B-04 Professor Maurice Ivy Phase 1: Leader and Ethical Decision-Making Problem Scenario A Discussion Introduction: The case study is about the two firms and the ethical dilemma faced in the contract regarding the professional and personal relationships between the key persons of contract. The Joe from UWEAR uniform makers has some personal relationships with the professional partner Bill of Hotel Peninsula. The new contract is under consideration and yet it is heard that the deal would be not of the same old scenarios and awarded to Joe yet would be transferred to their competitors. The situation is hence little confusing as the personal and professional contact is making confusions and jeopardizing the situation. Problem Scenario: The problem arises due to the jeopardizing in professional and personal connection between the business partners. Discussion: Who are the stakeholders in this situation? Stakeholder is acknowledged as an individual, group or an institution which has interest in the organization. (Mindtools, 2014) The major stakeholders of the contract in this scenario are Hotel Peninsula, Bill, Joe and UWEAR and Paledenim. Here in the case study there are although many stakeholders of the firm but the major stakeholders are the UWEAR and Hotel Peninsula along with their major employees i.e. Joe and Bill. What are the responsibilities of each stakeholder to the company? The major responsibilities of stakeholders are to assist in the interest if the organization. This scenario consists of two major responsibilities that have to be performed by the two major people involved i.e. Bill and Joe. Decision making and the direct management discussed below: Decision Making The most well-known get-together of stakeholders in a traded on an open market

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