“Problems with Transport Are Very Difficult to Solve in Urban Areas in the 21st Century” – Discuss (40 Marks)

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Transport has long been a serious issue for towns and cities. It’s needed for our very own survival, through the transport of goods, people and money. In the UK the issue of transport has always been particularly important, due to our position as an island and the need to bring in supplies from around the world. These goods were traditionally brought in to ports such as London and then distributed outwards. The movement of these goods became vital in order to support the local economies, and so every effort was made to reduce the problems and increase the efficiency of transport both within the capital and other urban areas; whether this be through investment in infrastructure such as bridge, roads and motorways or even advancements in cars and other vehicles. However, in the UK there has been a lag of sorts, as our infrastructure, our cities and towns, the majority weren’t built with the creation of the car, and as such have had to adapt to this invention. Admittedly, as time as gone on, due to the snowball effect on development, cars have gotten smaller, smarter and more efficient, but this has been offset by the increased demand and ownership of the car. This essay will look at the problems that are presented in the 21st century, in urban areas, and how they can be solved. Firstly, we must identify the problems with transport in Urban Areas in the 21st Century. The first issue, an obvious one, is the significant increase in ownership of the car, leading to congestion on the roads which were not built for so many cars. The number of cars owned per family has grown from 30% in 1961, to just under 80% in 2012. According to an RAC Foundation Report, the number of cars owned has been increase by approximately 1.5% per annum, for the past 30 years. This has lead to a host of other problems. The next problem is the amount of pollution released by the sheer number

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