Problems With The Constitution And The Failure Of

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Problems with the Constitution and the Failure of the Union Soon after the Constitution was created, two areas began to grow very different opinions and concerns that were yet to be answered. In the 1850’s the Constitution was manipulated by the people based on their sectional interests and the vagueness surrounding the issue of slavery. This indifference allowed it to be interpreted in many different ways with the Constitution stirring many debates. The issue of property vs. people, the power of congress over the states, and external pressures on the politicians from their supporters were all sources of sectional discord and ultimately contributed to the failure of the union the Constitution had created. The north, full of abolitionists, believed that slavery was an injustice and no longer needed for the growth and prosperity of America. The north, who were committed to upholding the union and weren’t dependant on slavery, made it obvious for them to not see any point in continuing. Whereas the south made its money off the land through picking cotton in large fields rather than through manufacturing, they were in a very different scenario. They were willing to fight for it because the southern economy depended on it so much. Since, the constitution avoids mentioning slavery, with other words being mentioned “to meet the necessities of slavery” (Document E); it is very easy to see that the Constitution had many holes in it. These holes became the targets for both northern and southern nationalists who exploited the deceptively written document. By the 1850’s there was much division as to who should have more power, Congress or the States. The compromise of 1850 solved territorial issues by defining Free, Open, and Slave state territories. (Document A). At the same time, the Wilmot Proviso alienated slave holders and opened the debate of whether or not
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