Problems With Education Essay

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* Problems with education Solving the educational problems in America has been a never ending battle. Problems in education today are broad and range in different extremes. I could write for days on the problems that arise in schools. There is a vast history involving problems in education starting in the 1800’s. There are many similarities between problems today and educational difficulties in the past. Such as, one major problem with education today as well as in the past is the appalling lack of support from parents. Parents seldom involve themselves in their children’s education. When the parents don’t check homework, make sure homework is done; keep up with their children’s grades is just a few examples. I feel that one way that this could improve is if parents are required to take part; such as the parents need to be pulled into school and made aware and make plans to help change their kids grade , habits, ectra. Also, it is very problematic when diversity kicks in. In the past diversity between African Americans and Caucasians caused uproar in the school system. And now today even though we have overcome that issue; we still have diversity between the social classes. The way that I foresee fixing this glitch is to begin by separating and eliminating all private schools. I vote for making all schools public. Next, we used to be at the top of education in the world. We now trail behind Europe and Asia in every aspect of educational success, even though we spend more money on education. Americans spend far less time in class rooms with more homework then other countries. We also have a high percentage of high school graduates that can barely read their diploma. This percentage jumps even higher among the population of Hispanics and African Americans. In addition, there is a major decrease in SAT verbal scores ever since the teachers union
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