Problems That Young Adults Face in Education Today

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In my opinion, education is undeniable important for every single person. All people need to study. For young adults, it is definitely necessary for them to continue their tertiary education either in private colleges or universities after completed secondary education. However, there are quite a number of problems that young adults face in education today, particularly in the aspect of financial situation, pressures of studying and peer pressures. Definitely, financial condition turns out to be a major problem for young adults who wish to pursue their tertiary education in private colleges or universities nowadays. The expenses in such private colleges or universities are usually quite big in number because those expenses include tuition fees, resource fees, and examination fees and so on. For some young adults, they come from weaker sections of the society and the financial situation of their house is not good enough. If a young adult is not financially equipped, it may obstruct his or her study. Furthermore, some young adults who are already studying in colleges or universities might also need to do a part time job for their own pocket money. In such situation, they have to divide their time properly so that they can balance up their work and studies. Otherwise, they may not be able to concentrate in their study and fail in some particular subjects. In short, financial condition is one of the problems young adults face in education nowadays. College life is often a stressful time. Nowadays college students face numbers of pressures. Most college students experience a great deal of stress dealing with their academic performance. Furthermore, college students often engage in multiple activities outside school which is certainly a stress for most students. The pressure to perform academically is one of the primary causes of stress for college students. First,

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