Problems Teenagers Face Nowadays Essay

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We are all aware of teenagers, those people in transition from childhood to adulthood, looked down upon by parents as little children and held in the highest esteem by themselves as young adults. Every age group believes it has got more problems than others, yet despite this most insist that life as a teenager is the best part of a lifetime. However, others, including most teenagers, beg to differ. At school, teens are constantly harassed with work on all topics. Studying and revision is done day in and day out, while the tests themselves are on their mind all the time. Projects, assignments and any background work to be done fills up most of life with barely enough time to do anything else, though some just about manage to spend some time chatting on msn and playing. On arriving home the teenager encounters all the work and studying given at school. One must help out with chores and go on errands for hard working parents too. Most teenagers seek refuge from domestic and important educational problems by going out and meeting friends. While outside school we also see challenges, coming in the form of peer pressure. One must conform to the ideals of the group, such as wearing the latest clothes, listening to the latest music and the like. However one must also be original in order not to seem boring. Hormones and a sense of indecision cause moods to clash, leaving teenagers either angry and frustrated or too happy. The biological and physical changes do not help much either. All in all the problems facing teenagers are good preparation for adulthood as we learn how to be responsible and cope with difficulties. On the other hand most of us find comfort in knowing that our parents and teachers are mostly always there for

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