Problems Of Higher Education In Jordan Nowadays Essay

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In 1962 the Jordan university was the first Jordanian university in Jordan. Since that year till the present time another 17 universities established between private and public universities. In this brief article we will focus the light on the main problems that had faced the higher education through the past 37 years. -Faculty of Medicine is just in public universities and not allowed in private universities. -Learning and teaching methods for the Bachelor certificate is still in the traditional way that depends on memorizing with a little bit of scientific research and a clear ignorance for the scientific and practical analysis sides, which is concentrated just in the Master degree studies. -Learning fees and the highly change of the credit hours prices, such as the master credit hours price started 17 JD then rises to 51 JD in the year 2001 and jumped to 81 JD now. -Higher Education now is an investment ruled by Business men their main target is making profits not achieving scientific message (aim), despite that there is universities rise a slogan (non profit universities). Now in Jordan higher education investment is like EDUCATIONAL TOURISM, more than 30000 Arab and foreign students are completing their higher education in Jordan. -No one can protect Student rights or defense on them. Because there is no students unions democracy elected and without direct interference from the universities. Therefore, Higher education in Jordan is only for students who have the ability and the power to pay a lot of money and not for students who have scientific and mentality power to reach higher and higher studies and

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